Berlin 2022

Conference History

On the 08th-10th of December 2022 we hosted the 5th annual World Conference on Social Sciences – WORLDCSS. Berlin, Germany was the host city of the inaugural event, with INNSiDE by Meliá Berlin Mitte & Meliá providing the perfect academic backdrop to this premier conference.

Virtual Session

Author Affiliation Article Title
education conference Dr.Agnetta Adiedo Nyabundi University of Pretoria, South Africa Health beliefs and practices of individuals within the context of circular migration in Nairobi, Kenya
social sciences conference Prof. Dr.Llewellyn Leonard University of Pretoria, South Africa Climate change and mining development impacts on residential water security in South Africa
education conference Dr.Mihaela Aghenitei Dunarea de Jos University Galati, Romania Aspects Regarding the Fight Against Fraud at the European Level

Increasing the capacity of public administration

The Report of Expertise in the Criminal Process, between Reality and Possibility

social sciences conference Prof. Dr.Paul Arthur Edith Cowan University, Australia Crowdsourcing in Museums: The Power of Community Engagement
social sciences conference Dr.Zrinka Vukojevic University of Zagreb, Faculty of Teacher Education, Croatia Process drama as a methodological approach in a correlation-integration methodological system in primary education
social sciences conference Dr.Diana Olčar University of Zagreb, Croatia Basic Psychological Needs and Flow as Important Mediators Between Life Goals And Burnout
education conference Prof. Dr.Hiromi Hirata Kagawa Nutrition University, Japan Place attachment of families living overseas; Japanese parents’ cognition of parenting, and language acquisition
social sciences conference Prof. Dr.Ineza Zoidze Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University, Georgia Adaptation and integration of eco-migrants in local communities of Georgia (on the example of Guria region)
social sciences conference Prof. Dr.Natalia Lazba Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University, Georgia The influence of peacekeeping initiatives on the capacity of rethinking the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict
social sciences conference Prof. Dr.Irine Tsintsadze Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University Gender social construction and the phenomenon of violence in public life (on the example of Adjara)
social sciences conference Dr.Silvia Rogosic Faculty of Teacher Education, University of Zagreb, Croatia Alienated Academic Labour as a Consequence of Academic Capitalism
social sciences conference Prof. Dr.Zrinka Vukojevic University of Zagreb, Faculty of Teacher Education, Croatia The Impact of Drama Activities on the Development of Communicative Competence in Primary Education
social sciences conference Prof. Dr.Katarina Rogulj University of Split, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy, Croatia Alternative energy sources for sustainable mobility in Adriatic marinas
education conference Prof. Dr.Andrea Celeste Tafolla Manzo Universidad Latina de América, Mexico Personal characteristics, gender, dedication to paid activities and their association with the profile of the Mexican employer
education conference Dr.Burçe AKCAN SELCUK UNİVERSİTY, Turkey Covid-19 Influence on Scarcity Strategy in Tourism Industry
education conference Dr.Arzu KAZAZ SELCUK UNİVERSİTY,Turkey The Concept of Femvertising As an Innovative Advertising Attractive
Dr.Isaac Eshun University of Education, Winneba, Ghana. A Phenomenology Study of the Nature and Characteristics of Chieftaincy Succession Conflict: The Case of The Akuapem Traditional Area of Ghana

Decolonizing the Parallel Marriage Ceremonies in the Ghanaian Context

education conference Dr.Ania Drzewiecka Atlantic International University, UK Effective Start For The Online Reinforcement Branding Aka Marketing Innovation As An Answer To The New Normal And Other Unexpected Events.
education conference Dr.Ali ElMoussaoui Lebanese University, Lebanon Predicting Middle East Banking Efficiency Sector Future through DEA-DT Machine Learning Techniques
Prof. Dr.Alfons Ramel University of Iceland Cross-sectional and longitudinal associations between self-reported financial hardship, quality of life and depressive symptoms in older Icelandic adults discharged from hospital.

Social network and physical function among community dwelling older adults in Iceland.

social sciences conference Prof. Dr.Makedonka Radulovic University St. Cyril and Methodius, Faculty of philosophy, Department of Family studies, Macedonia Youth Perception of Extramarital and Homosexual Unions in North Macedonia
education conference Mr.Sohrab Mashhadizadeh Ted Rogers School of Management, Canada Initial Pendulum: A Structural Equation Model for Determining the Success of Startups and Small-Size Businesses
social sciences conference Ms.Vishakha Goyal Panjab University, India Contemporary Urdu Mushā’irah: A Cultural Trope for Revitalizing Art, Aesthetics and Language
education conference Mrs.Tetiana Skrypchenko Sociological Group “Rating”, Ukraine The value division between Ukraine and Russia
education conference Ms.Sara Pinto-Bastos Universidad de Vigo, Portugal How can street art keep history and place identity alive
education conference Ms.Yajun Zhang University of Macau, China Does Filial Piety Mediate the Relation between Parental Meta-Emotion Philosophy and Mental Health in Chinese Youth?
Ms.Nehal sultan alsultan princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University, Saudi Arabia Volunteer work in rural communities
education conference Mr. Plescau Ionut Alexandru University of Bucharest, Romania Faith and contradiction in the person of Cardinal Bessarion
social sciences conference MSC. Laura Zhankulova RSE on REM «Republican Research Institute for Occupational Safety and Health of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security of the population of the RK; (RSE on REM «RRIOSH» MLSSP RK), Kazakhstan Statistical observations of negative working conditions and occupational diseases. Updating state statistics indicators
education conference Mrs.Loredana Adriana Patrascoiu University of Bucharest, Romania An inclusive approach of geoheritage interpretation – storytelling about Balaur bondoc ‘s world în Hațeg Country geopark
education conference Mr.Mustafa Aydin Selcuk University, Turkey Digital Invitation To “Goodness”; A Review on the Social Media Accounts of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement
education conference Mr. Aliah Yacoub Synapse Analytics, Egypt Phenomenology and Art: Towards an Enactivist Understanding of Aesthetics
MSC.Isabel Mahmoud Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain A Tale of Two Groups Polarized Over National Pride and Social Prejudice: Far Right Supply Shock, Beliefs, Revealed Preferences and Demand Response
education conference Mrs.Sabina Salkic Independent researcher, Germany The experience of Loneliness with regard to Gender and type of Study among University students
education conference Ms.Abhinanda Chatterjee Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur, India Last Mile Connectivity: A scenario of the Indian context