conference History

On the 18th-20th of October, 2019 we hosted the 1st annual World Conference on Social Sciences – WORLDCSS. Budapest, Hungary was the host city of the inaugural event, with Central European University providing the perfect academic backdrop to this premier conference.

WORLDCSS 2019 was packed with insightful presentations, innovative presentation formats, and memorable social events. Participants came from all over the world – the United States, Austria, Turkey, Georgia, Poland, India, Japan,  Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Ghana, South Korea, Tunisia, Algeria, and others. This diverse blend of academics, scholars, researchers, graduate, and post-graduate students resulted in a vibrant atmosphere of open learning. We are proud to have hosted an event that made a lasting impression on the participants, both in terms of the value of its content and the social events we planned for the attendees. For example, everyone was invited on a free guided tour of Budapest – a city that’s described by some as the ‘Paris of Central and Eastern Europe’.

The program featured presentations on such topics as school voucher programs in developing countries, gender in audio-visual advertisements, women in politics, neuroimaging, and various others. Each presentation went through a double-blind selection process by the scientific committee of the event. As a result, each research presented at the event was insightful, relevant, and original.

We are excited for the 2021 edition of the event. Based on the 2019 experience we can confidently say that this is a must-attend academic conference of the year!