Los Angeles 2023

Conference History

On the 17-19 of August 2023 we hosted the 6th annual World Conference on Social Sciences – WORLDCSS in Los Angles, USA was the host city of the inaugural event, with Villa Graziadio Executive Center at Pepperdine University providing the perfect academic backdrop to this premier conference.

Virtual Session

Highlighted speakers

Author Affiliation Article Title
Prof. Dr.
Melvin Jabar
De La Salle University, Philippines Ethical Technological Assessment of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT): Implications for Ethics and Social Science Education in Higher Education Institutions
Ahmed  Tahsin Shams
University of Notre Dame, USA An Inductive Study of Pop Culture Versus Visual Art: Redefined from the Lens of Censorship in Bangladesh
Prof. Dr. Nguyen Ba Trinh Nguyen Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Vietnam Democracy Index as A Social Entropy Function
Stephanie Longo
Regent University, USA Workplace Communication in Remote-Based Teams
eEthnicity: Social Media, Italian Americans, and Cultural Identity
Travis Trueblood
Washington, District of Columbia, USA The California Rancheria Termination Act: The Continuous Assertion of Tribal Governments for Self-Determination
Kalimah Ibrahiim
University of East London, UK A Qualitative Exploration of the Impact of Mutual Aid on the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic Response
Dr.Sean Brennan University of Scranton, USA The Opening Speeches of the Cold War: Churchill, Truman, Stalin and Zhdanov 1946-1947
Mr.Sanjayduth Bhundhoo University of Technology, Mauritius Towards a sustainable future: Embracing corporate Social Responsibility in Mauritius
MD. Kristina Hovhannisyan 1Yerevan State Medical University, Armenia Social Apathy and Emotional Burnout Syndrome as the Measurement of Phenomenon of Anomie
Ms. Swapnil Pareek Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India Tactical urbanism as a way towards the right to the city: A critical examination of the right of the city framework in context of urban villages of Delhi.
Ms.Wilarachchige Savithri Manohari Goonatilaka University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka Exploring Determinants of Desire Towards Enroll in Contributory Pension Scheme: Evidence from Self-employed Workers of Sri Lanka
MSC. Juan Pablo Sanchez King Center for Rapid Enlightenment, USA The Rapid Enlightenment Process: Letting go of the survival mind to experience sustained peace, joy and well-being
MSC.Mahdi Safari Monfared Shahid Beheshti University, Iran Ergodic Literature and Postmodernist Revisionism in Margaret Atwood’s Metafictional Short Story Happy Endings.
Dr.Rocio Ritter University of Arkansas, USA An Examination of the Relationship between Academic Burnout and Academic Achievement
Mr. Leo Vicentino De La Salle University, Philippines Understanding China’s Public Information Control  about COVID-19
Dr. Marsela Sako University of Tirana / Political Science Department, Albania Youth Engagement in Decision-Making: European Approaches to Inclusive Participation and Albanian Perspective.
Prof. Dr.Marika Chachibaia Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi state University, Georgia On Some Issues of Creation of the Pauline Epistles
Ms. Jennifer Jang St. Paul’s School, USA Why Art Journalism is Important in Connecting Traditional Art and Entertainment with the Media
Ms.Xinyi Zhang Harrow International School Hong Kong Tensions between the US and China have been steadily increasing. Is it in the US’ interest to decouple from China economically?
Ms. Xiuli Chen Hanyang University, South Korea The Roles of Machine Translation in Learning Among K-12 Students at the International Schools in the Great Bay Area, China
Dr. Richard Kyung CRG-NJ, USA Syncretic Progression of Korean Shamanism for Spiritual Guidance in Contemporary Society